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Stories of a specific topic

URL Scheme
/article/topic/ident [/media]


name type description default
ident string identifier string of the topic required
media string requested media type optional

URL Parameters

name type description default
api_key string your api_key required
format string output format xml/json xml
start int start/offset of the result article list 0
limit int limit of articles in response 50
teaser int stories with teaser instead of fulltext 0
lang string language of the stories ( only in ch ) de


name type description
success int successful request 1/0
error array if error was not successfull, ths node contains error code and error msg
request array information about the request, when successfull
content array list of stories, only when request successfull
  story array story data, see here for the details of the story node

Request example

Response example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <title>DTM-AUDIO-Service: Stracke von der Strecke bei der DTM
                DTM - Finale am Hockenheimring:  Freitag 14.- Sonntag 16.10. - wir sind on Air für Sie vor Ort.</title>
            <teaser>Hockenheim (ots) - An dieser Stelle werden die Radiokollegen den Audioservice der DTM herunter laden können. DTM-AUDIO-Service Stracke von der Strecke bei der DTM - Hockenheimring Liebe Kollegen Die DTM 2016 geht ins große Finale ...</teaser>


API Terms

news aktuell provides you with news release content of our clients free of charge for non-commercial redistribution. This service is subject to our individual approval and based on the condition that you link back to the original material on and name us as content provider. With each release, our API provides our news service code “(ots)” as well as a link to the respective original material on Please make sure that these are always included in your website or application.

In case of a breach of these or the Presseportal conditions, we reserve the right to deactivate your API key.


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