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How to use the API

To use the Presseportal API, you must register your project and apply for an API key. Each key refers to a project site / URL which is private by default. Each project requires a name, a description and a functioning URL before you can go live with it.

Technical problems

We do not offer any technical support for use of the API. In case of problems using the API or the key, please check our API Documentation. The documentation provides you with information concerning request methods, options and error codes, and you can test any method before implementation. To do that, just select a method and click to get to the API Explorer

Application for an API key

Simply fill in your details below to register. Upon approval, we will promptly send you the API key by e-mail.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage. Wir prüfen Ihre Angaben und senden Ihnen anschließend eine E-Mail.


API Terms

news aktuell provides you with news release content of our clients free of charge for non-commercial redistribution. This service is subject to our individual approval and based on the condition that you link back to the original material on and name us as content provider. With each release, our API provides our news service code “(ots)” as well as a link to the respective original material on Please make sure that these are always included in your website or application.

In case of a breach of these or the Presseportal conditions, we reserve the right to deactivate your API key.


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